This is the definitive..and maybe only.. home blog! It’s here to help inspire and empower you! If it’s time to get your hands dirty and dive into that next project, then you’ve come to the right place! Or, maybe you just love architecture, modern design, restoration, gardening, baking, cooking and just about any other random awesome thing that happens around “home”… then this sites for you!

3805 Clark, the home, is a 10 year project that was originally built in 1925. Over the years we have worked hard to transform this derelict “as is where is” home into an amazing piece of heritage that will hopefully save it for years to come. Also, and just as important, we’ve done it on a budget! As an artist and as a student, we didn’t exactly have a whole lotta cash sitting around… and we know we’re not alone.

So dig in, look around, get a project lined up and do it! Hopefully we save you some time, some money and you get a new creative inspired idea so you can create the home of your dreams!