The Truck…

Yes, I am a car guy. Yes I live in Canada. So … rust. Which if you know rust you know it’s not all bad. Surface rust is normal, it’s when it turns to rot… you got problems. But, visually… it sucks on a newer vehicle. If you have a 1932 A rat rod, patina… awesome… 2003 Element… not so much. So after new struts and calipers, the calipers started showing naturel surface rust after coating came off. Then some other wheel well area’s that once exposed… look… tired. Easy fix though. Light sand (even with scotch wool) and paint. Done. So here’s a few pictures of what good quality undercoating and satin black (left over cans from home renovations work great… Tremclad Satin Black) looks like and what a difference it makes to make it feel “new”… all 250,000 KMs of it..











Well. Dirty, hot, and stinky from fumes. Time to clean the wheels inside with some soapy steel wool:


Done and done… I know this day of dirty crappy work will make all the difference everytime I walk up to my truck. I love this element. So reliable, so versatile, and so modular. So glad to keep it running and looking good. I miss Dorota’s and Is 1978 Civic Candian Trunk Model, but, having one car to maintain is enough… at least this one has parts from a parts store lol.