Hallway Built-In

Well, after successfully adding picture rail to the hallway and fixing up the walls with new paint and smoothed out dents, dings and cracks… it made the built-in look tired and worn out… so where’s the love? Right here! Dorota and I started by removing the doors, then the hardware. The hardware went outside into a metal container of paint stripper.. which is toxic horrible sludge, so make sure to line up any and all paint stripping for one day of it, then dispose appropriately. Next, I trimmed the doors to “square” them to the house. Not always necessary, but over 80 years, things have settled, much like my crows feet. After everything was trimmed up and fitting nice, metal hardware all stripped, we sanded both the mouldings and the doors. Quick few coats of high gloass white throughout the hallway mouldings and doors and things really started looking good. Finally, hardware got a spray paint of satin black… and wow! Our beatin up old dark dreary hallway is now a star! The under dog wins….