Double Hung Windows Part 1

The Day 1 goal goal…


The tools…


Ok, so removing the windows.. Only basic hand tools needed.. but you will NEED these items. Get fresh blades for the exacto knife because you will go through a dozen or so.

First if your weights have fallen off because the rope broke, then cut along the joint where the trim meets the wall and the window opening. Slowly cut the first line as straight as possible. Then follow that line and push hard and harder each time. You may hear the trim cracking away from the wall, and that’s good. Now take the baseboard pry bar and lightly hammer it between the wall and moulding lightly pry that area, then move up 6″ and repeat. Do both sides of the moulding until it comes free. And now, I guess I’m restoring these windows.. this couple of hours will cost me a few weekends I think…

Now you can see, in the middle we have access to the counterweights. But, on the right… they plastered right up to the window frame. Which is good for thermal blocking… but a pain in the ass to vet your weights out and rehung. Luckily, like everything in this 1925 home… you just need to get your hands dirty. . Do like Indiana Jones and put your hand in there… luckily I got 1 out of 2.



Insert tool photo here for 2nd weight.

This car tool saved the day. It’s a bolt grabber. With a small flashlight and this tool I got the weight out with the help from my amazing lady Dorota. It took 4 hands total.. so be prepared..

While your making a mess it’s a good time to clean and scratch away the flaking paint. Get the insides done and then, if your upper or lower windows are painted in… cut them loose like you did with the mouldings. Slowly cut all around the window and slowly pry.


I had to do the outside on a few of ours..


They open!! A little time consuming, and some patience… But well worth it. Prep and cleanup take the most time. Just take your time on that first cut, then follow it. Slowly pry every 3-6″.. Scrape away any and all flaking paint and sand the channels where the window will need to slide.

Next, this little piece to remove the upper sash window with muliun bars. You just need to remove one side to get the window out. Cut with an exacto knife and slowly pry it loose..


By now, I had to clean up and get this mess put away and get on with what was left the day with other projects. Press fit things back together and used a couple nails to hold windows in place until I come back for round 2! Oh, hello Mushy!


End of the first real day restoring the office windows… day 1 – Out..
Stay tuned… this project is done… just hard to find time to blog when your working on the windows lol